Pepper may wish to cut pruning

The pruning of pepper plants is an effective measure to increase production. According to the practice of farmers, the proper pruning of pepper can increase production by 15% to 20%.

Pruning time. Pruning is suitable during the high temperatures in summer and is generally conducted from late July to mid-August. At this point the first loquat fruit has been picked, the plants in the day and night temperature difference is not under the circumstances of the episodes, then the best effect of pruning yield.

Pruning site. Reasonable pruning sites should be on 4 large branches. Each pepper usually has 4 big branches. When entering the hot season, 4 big branches expand to produce 8 side branches. At this time, the leafy leaves affect the ventilation and ventilation, which not only leads to small fruit, but also causes fruit dropping and fruit loss, and induces each Diseases. If the 8 lateral branches are cut off in time, the fertility can be concentrated on 4 large branches, and the ventilation conditions of the plants can be improved to reduce the diseases, so that the peppers can produce more fruits and fruit.

Pruning method. Use pruning shears for sharpening. Clipping should be smooth to prevent pests and diseases. Do not fold branches directly by hand to avoid damage to the plants. When pruning, cut pests, pendulas, and broken branches. Cut branches should be collected and brought out of the garden.

Cut management. After the pruning of the peppers, topdressing 5 kg of urea and 7.5 kg of compound fertilizer per acre promotes growth and results. In case of drought, it is also necessary to water in conjunction with topdressing of urea in time to prevent drought and promote the exertion of fertilizer effects. Can also be sprayed foliar fertilizer, 7 days or so, and even spray 2 to 3 times, each with 250 grams of urea per mu, 150 grams of potassium dihydrogen phosphate plus 75 kg of water diluted and sprayed evenly. Spraying is done on a cloudy or sunny evening. After the pruning, weeds should be promptly removed and pests should be prevented.

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