Red meat honey pomelo spring management

The spring is the initial stage of red meat, honeydew, pomelo root, changchun shoot, long flower ear, flowering and fruiting. In this period, diseases such as pests, lack of fertilizer, and drought have direct effect on the pomelo tree shoots, strong flowers, and fruit set rate. The impact is a critical period for improving the output of the year. All kinds of spring tube technical measures must be taken in due course in order to promote the development of strong shoots, strong flowers, increase the percentage of fruit set, and to harvest bumper harvests. Now on the spring management, put forward the following points for reference.
First, timely application of spring shoot fertilizer. The timely application of spring shooter fertilizer is particularly important for improving the pomelo, spring shoots, strong flowers, and increasing the fruit setting rate. 1. Early results strains produce 100 kilograms of fruit, apply Sanyuan compound fertilizer 2.5 kilograms or strains produce 100 kilograms of fruit to apply urea 7 two, potash 2 two, in two applications, this fertilizer in the "spring" - " Equinox application.
Second, thinning sparse topping. Red pomelo has a lot of pomelos and a large amount of fruit. Thinning of sparse flowers and proper picking of hearts are beneficial to reduce the inefficient consumption of nutrients, improve effective flower quality, and promote fruit set rate; reduce tree load, promote fruit reproduction, and improve fruit quality and commodity value.
1, sparsely flowering branches. Adult fruit trees or recession trees have a large amount of flowers and some weak flowers should be removed. It is generally conducted from late February to early March. In principle, we should master the principle of weakening and retaining strength. As a result, 4-5 flowers will be left on the mother's branch, and the whole tree will adopt the principles of reasonable collocation in the morning, evening and evening. After the sparse flowering, the tree nutrients were concentrated to meet the fertility requirements of the left buds, which led to large buds, good flower quality, and high fruit setting rate after flowering.
When sparse flowering, we must master the weak trees and sparse. The initial results are sparse or sparse, the fruit trees are sparse, the tall fruit trees grow tall, and they are unfavorable to sparse flowering. The flowering season often encounters rainy weather and can be shaken by falling flowers. Some flower buds alleviate the ills of buds that are too dense.
2, sparse. The sparsity can improve the ventilation and light transmission of trees, reduce the damage of pests and diseases, and is an effective measure to increase the rate of fruit set. The sparse, generally sparse crown top, denser outer part, the higher leggy branches are sparsely appropriate, the spring tender shoots inside the canopy and the short spring shoots outside the crown are the result of the next year's parent branch, generally cannot be eliminated, and the spring tip sparse can only be controlled. Within 5% of young shoots in spring, we cannot neglect too much. To increase the amount of leaf, to produce more chlorophyll, to increase the percentage of fruit set, and to achieve fruit quality and high yield.
3, topping. Topping the heart can increase the fruit setting rate, accumulate nutrients in the tree, reduce the ineffective nutrient consumption, make more fruit, and hang fruit. The topping is generally performed at the top of the tree crown, and the toppings are taken when the shoots reach 5-7 inches, leaving only 4-6 leaves.
Third, Baohuabaoguo. In spring, red meat and pomelo are caught in shoots, buds, and blooms, which are greatly affected by natural conditions. Especially during flowering, rain, high temperature and drought are harmful to flowering and fruit set. Some effective technical measures must be taken to achieve flower protection. Protect the fruits and seize high quality products.
1, cultivate strong spring shoot results mother branch. It is mainly to cultivate healthy spring shoots of the first and second year and the autumn shoots of the second year. The spring tender shoots in the crown of spring shoots and the short shoots around the canopy are young shoots of the following year. They have strong spring shoots and are created for the improvement of the fruit set rate in the coming year. Good condition.
2, spray trace elements. Proper injection of trace elements in a timely manner is an effective technique for achieving a strong shoot, a strong flower, and an improved fruit set. Before the spring shoot shoots and the young fruit of Xiehua, spray 1-2 times of 0.2% borax or 0.1% boric acid + 0.2% phosphoric acid = hydrogen potassium + 0.3% urea to achieve the purpose of flower protection and fruit protection.
3, flowering, young fruit period appropriate fertilizer and temperature. Spring shoots, flower buds, flower spikes, and flowering pollination require adequate fertilizer, moisture, and suitable temperature. If there is no fertilizer and a long period of high temperature and drought during the bud and flowering stages, it will directly affect flower buds, more sterile flowers, and low fruit setting rate. In the flower bud and flowering period, there are fresh fruit gardens, and the teak trees are properly sprayed on the ground and cannot be sprayed on the trees. If the water is sprayed on the trees, the humidity of the young leaves and the pomelos will be increased, which will make spring shoots and pomelo. Flowers and initial fruits are infected with pests and diseases, causing fruit drop. The water sprayed on the ground can make enough water for flowering to increase the fruit setting rate and reduce the occurrence of diseases.
4, secondary ring cut. In the flowering period of pomelo tree and the early stage of young fruit, bad weather often occurs, such as high temperature and drought, low temperature and other adverse climatic factors, which will have an adverse effect on flowering pollination and fruit set. Effective technical measures must be taken to increase the amount of fruit set. Secondary ring cutting is an effective measure to effectively promote flower protection and fruit protection. Pomelo gardens that are well managed with fertilizers and waters will have fruit trees and strong trees. In case of adverse weather conditions such as rain and rain, a secondary ring cut will be needed to preserve the fruit; Ring cutting method: in the low branch of the branch to implement a ring cut a knife, leaving a branch does not cut the ring, ring cut to a knife access, to protect the root tree to protect the potential to achieve fruit production purposes. The circumcision must be performed according to the amount of flower tree vigor. The amount of flowering is more than 90% of the flower's gratitude and the circumcising is performed. When the flower is less than 60% of the cultivar, the circumcision is performed. Tree vigor is not allowed to be cut to prevent the pomelo tree from decaying or dying.
Fourth, in addition to worms kill disease.
The prevention and treatment of grapefruit diseases and pests is an important measure to ensure the production of pomelo. Spring tender shoots, young flower buds, and flower spikes are young and most susceptible to pests and diseases. Rational fertilization, scientific management, and promotion of robust pomelo trees can make pests less susceptible to invasive infections. If you do not take effective management measures during the spring period, you will reduce the income during the year. February-March is the wintering period of the red spider.
Diseases such as anthracnose, greasy spot, and rotenone disease are spread early and are not easily visible to the naked eye. Failure to attach importance to it can lead to serious diseases during the expansion of young fruit. Therefore, pests and diseases should implement the principle of “prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control”. The prevention and treatment of pests in young shoots and young fruit is very important in the early stage. Chemical control:
1, winter spider mites in early February before the spring shoot germination before spraying a drug, grams full special water 2000 times; or in mid-March, Nisaolang water 1000-1500 times.
2, various diseases. In late February, shoots of 0.5 cm to 5 cm or so before flowering (flowering can not be sprayed), with copper ammonium mixture: a city of copper sulfate plus five city of ammonium bicarbonate, with film packaging after 24 hours of water 1000 Jin spray All trees and ground; or spring shoots 0.5 cm to 5 cm or so to spray 1-2 times before flowering and early flowering young fruit, mixed with 500 parts of thiophanate plus water and jinggangmycin plus 500 times of water, or more Bacillin water 500 times and Jinggangmycin 500 times water, alternating use.
3, other insects. Other insects use dichlorvos to add 1000 times of water. Spring shoots and pests timely prevention and control, can promote the spring shoots robust, lush foliage, flesh after the early fruit flowers, less sick, high fruit set rate.

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