Maize seedling blight disease prevention and control method

Maize seedling blight is a fungal disease of corn seedling stage. In the early stage of disease, corn seedlings often have curly and wilting of heart and leaves, and severe cases cause dead seedlings. In recent years, the emergence of corn seedling blight has become more serious, and it has become one of the major diseases on corn seedlings, which has a great impact on corn yield.

Symptoms: After the onset of corn, the roots begin to turn brown. After expansion, the roots develop poorly or the root hairs are reduced. The secondary roots are absent or absent. The primary roots are aged, the cortex is necrotic, and the roots are dark brown and form in the first internodes of the stems. The necrotic spots cause the stems to be rotted and rotten, easily broken, and the leaf sheaths are also browned and cracked. The leaves turned yellow, the leaf margins were dry, the leaves of the heart were curled easily, severe deaths occurred, and a small number of secondary roots formed weak seedlings. There is no obvious symptom in the lightly injured seedlings. Generally, the tip of the 1st to 2nd leaves in the 2 to 3 leaf stage begin to yellow, and gradually develop toward the middle of the leaf. The serious heart and leaf gradually wilt and wilting.

Causes of the climatic conditions: corn seedling blight usually occurs after sowing until early July. Under long-term drought conditions, during the period from the time of sowing to the rooting of the corn, a sudden rain of medium to heavy rain caused the soil to bind, resulting in a low soil temperature and high temperature environment, and it was easy to infect the disease. Soil and management measures: low-lying land, poor soil, clay land, saline land, and land masses where corn herbicides are applied are heavy, and the seed quality is low, and sowing too deep is also prone to disease. Rotation mode: In wheat and maize as the main rotation mode, due to the serious root disease of wheat in recent years, pathogenic bacteria such as Fusarium moniliforme, Fusarium graminearum, and filamentous fungus are accumulated, and the occurrence of summer corn seedling blight occurs. The degree is also heavier.

Preventive measures: Strengthen management: timely cultivating loose soil after corn emerges or after rain, in order to facilitate the ventilation of roots and promote root growth. It is best not to use corn herbicides in diseased fields. Chemical control: From late June to early July, use thiophanate-methyl 800 times solution or chlorothalonil 1000 times solution to spray 1 or 2 times.

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