How sweet does fruit not affect quality?

How sweet does fruit not affect quality?
In addition to the congenital nature of fruit, but also through our artificial management, but the simplest method is to use sweeteners, some of the current excessive use of ethylene ripening agents, swelling agents and other banned chemicals, although to reach the sweetening The role, but led to a decline in the quality of many melons and eaten unhealthy, affecting our body.
What should we do? For example, Ginba Biosweetener is a pure biological agent that does not contain chemical hormones (or other banned chemicals). It is a special mission to increase the sweetness and improve the internal and external quality by fully utilizing the functions and metabolites of microorganisms. It is “originated from nature and serves the nature”. Users can use it with confidence and the fruits can be sold with confidence and consumption. Can rest assured to eat. This product has been used in several provinces and cities in China for several years, and the effect is magically obvious. The applied fruits and vegetables (such as peach, plum, apricot, grape, jujube, sugar cane, watermelon, melon, banana, lychee, etc.) are bright and uniform in color. It is neat, sweet, and has an excellent taste, which greatly enhances the “seeing”, “selling” and “taste” of fruits and vegetables. As a result, the selling price has increased by one or two grades and it has been welcomed by a large number of producers and consumers. . The biological product is a sweet and unpleasant nemesis, widely applicable to all kinds of crops, especially the upper class guesthouses, economic crops, sightseeing and picking garden. The high cost performance enables agents to make money and satisfy consumers. Details can visit the website or consult.

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