A good way to make edible mushroom cultures

Edible fungus culture material production of a good method Edible fungi from the cultivation of raw materials can be divided into wood cultivation, dung grass cultivation and substitute cultivation of three species. The manure cultivation uses livestock manure and crop straw as raw materials, is cultivated after composting and fermentation, and is suitable for mushroom rot fungi such as mushroom, straw mushroom and big fat mushroom. Generally, such natural fermentation takes 15-20 days, and the organism is added. After the starter, this process can be greatly accelerated. Taking the special fermentation agent for edible fungi of Jinbao as an example, it refers to the use of high-tech methods and techniques, which are specially cultivated, bred, purified, and rejuvenated by artificial techniques. There are special "miracle" functions of the composite microbial agents, the main microorganisms that play a key role are bacteria, filamentous bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes and other bacteria, it is mainly used for crop stalks, livestock and poultry manure, dead branches The fermentation of organic waste such as deciduous leaves is quickly decomposed and put into use, generally only 4-7 days.
In the process of processing materials, the golden babe biological fermentation agent produces a large number of microorganisms and produces a large number of special metabolic substances, such as antibiotics and hormones, which can obviously eliminate or inhibit the growth and reproduction of various bacteria and pests, and provide more for the cultivation of edible fungi. Ideal and clean raw materials; substitute cultivation is based on industrial and agricultural by-products and scraps, suitable for a variety of edible fungi. China's cultivation of edible fungi is very rich in raw materials, many types, sources are wide, local resources can be based on local resources, fully utilized. Details can visit the website or consult.

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