Control cucumber "flower topping"

Cucumber flower topping is a common physiological obstacle in cucumber production in greenhouses. Its main symptoms are: the internodes near the growth point are shortened, and no heterozygous flower clusters of male and female are formed without the formation of hearts and leaves. . "Flower topping" occurs mostly in the early stages of the results, and has a great influence on the yield and quality.

Cucumber flower topping can usually be divided into three types:

(1) Developmental disorders. The early temperature is low, and there is a large temperature difference between day and night. Plants grow too fast due to inhibited vegetative growth, and it is easy to appear "flower topping."

(2) Injury root type. High temperature and drought in the greenhouse, especially when the soil is dry, may be caused by too much fertilizer and insufficient water to cause root burning, or if the soil is too wet, but the temperature and the ground temperature are low, resulting in the roots of the roots.

(3) Physiological deficiency type. Unfavorable soil conditions, weak root activity, and difficulty in attracting fertilizers can lead to "flower topping" when the physiological deficiency occurs.

Control measures:

(1) Reasonably regulate the temperature and prevent it from being too low or too high; timely loosen the soil and increase the temperature of the ground. If necessary, fertilize and water the soil first, then warm up the soil to promote root development.

(2) The rational use of fertilizer and water. Greenhouse cucumber fertilization, to master a small amount, multiple times, Shi Liu, the application of organic fertilizer must be fully decomposed, to prevent improper rooting due to improper fertilization; timely watering amount, avoid flooding and affecting the ground temperature, resulting in roots.

(3) Remedy. Plants with flowering toppings have appeared, female flowers have been removed in appropriate amounts and sprayed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate 300 times; when watering of rooted flowers occurs, watering is done in time so that the water holding capacity of the soil reaches 22%, and the relative humidity of the air reaches 65%, irrigated with water, soon return to normal.

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