Diesel Engine Overheating Causes and Prevention

The overheating performance of the diesel engine is that the cooling water temperature is too high, exceeding the normal value of 80°C-90°C, and even reaching l00°C. Overheating makes it easy to deform parts, reduce the viscosity of the oil, accelerate the wear of the parts, and prematurely burn the mixture due to overheating, reducing the power of the diesel engine. Causes of overheating are: The cooling system is not working properly. The main ones are: Insufficient circulating water cooling. (1) The fan belt is loose or the fan blades are reversed. (2) The radiator air duct is blocked. (3) The impeller section of the pump is worn and the pumping capacity is reduced. (4) Excessive scale in water jackets, radiators, or blocked water pipes. 1 The diesel engine is overloaded for a long time. 2 The oil supply time is too early. The temperature of the engine body is high, the exhaust gas is black smoke, and at the same time the work is weak, and it is necessary to adjust the oil supply time. 3 There is too much carbon on the cylinder head of the piston and piston ring, and the coke should be removed. 4 Exhaust valve is too large. As the exhaust valve opening time is shortened, the exhaust gas in the cylinder cannot be discharged in time, causing the machine to overheat and the diesel engine power to drop. The valve clearance should be adjusted as required.

Food Additives are substances added to food. Some additives have been used for centuries. With the advent of processed foods in the second half of the twentieth century, many more additives have been introduced, of both natural and artificial origin.

The advantages of food additives are these followed:

1. Improve the appearance of food.
2. Keep and enhance the nutrition value of food.
3. Increase the variety and conveniences of food.
4. Miantain freshness and prolong shelf life.
5. Provide leavening or control acidity and alkalinity.

Food Additives

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