Precautions in the use of fresh milk pasteurizer

1. Before using the fresh milk sterilizer, clean the reservoir with fresh water and then sterilize with steam. The material slurry enters the cylinder from the material pipe fixed on the cylinder head, or the cylinder head is opened to prevent the material from being splashed when being stirred by the agitator, resulting in unsanitary environment.

Second, the fresh milk pasteurization machine is an electric heating device. Before use, check the transmission parts and add lubricating oil to avoid dry grinding and damage the equipment. Whenever you change the oil, you should first remove the electric heating tube, clean it with alkaline water and then add it.

3. Before using the sterilizer, check whether the electrical circuits are in good condition, whether the connection is safe and secure, and whether the fuses match. After ensuring safety, the power can be turned on.

4. In the normal use process, the two oil inlets on the upper edge of the pot of the fresh milk sterilizer can not be blocked after the oil is added, and the heating is used. Therefore, use the waist to turn off the electric heating power supply.

5. Strictly control the temperature when operating the sterilizer, below 200 degrees.

6. When operating the sterilizer, do not operate with water; if there is oil leakage on the outside during the operation, it is necessary to terminate the operation in time.

ETR Vacuum Suction Unit

ETR has independently developed an integrated vacuum pump unit composed of a water-ring vacuum pump, a gas-water separator, a vacuum solenoid valve, pipe fittings and an electrical control system.

It is a simple, safe and reliable device that continuously serves the wards all day long, without occupying the ward space. The negative pressure is sourced from the vacuum pump unit.

Vacuum Suction

Vacuum Suction Unit

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