South Korea cultivates new "biochemical pigs"

Korean scientists successfully cultivated “biochemical pigs” that produce therapeutic agents for cerebral thrombosis (brainemia) through urine. The Korean Agency for the Promotion of Agriculture stated that "the genetic treatment of cerebral thrombosis (TPA) is injected into the fertilized eggs of pigs, and four pigs that can pass through the milk and urine can excrete cerebral thrombosis therapeutic substances." It is said that South Korea has become the world after the United States. The second is to use transgenic technology to develop countries that produce cerebral thrombosis therapeutic substances. In 1997, the United States used genetically modified technology to successfully develop a goat that produced cerebral thrombosis therapeutic substances through milk. It is said that the price of cerebral thrombolytic drugs extracted from living organisms is extremely high and the price per kilogram is as high as 53 million won. Therefore, "biochemical pigs" can earn at least 200-300 million won each year. The bioengineering animal production team of Korea Rural Development Agency had successfully passed the transgenic technology in 1998 to breed pigs that manufacture anemia treatment agents.

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